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Use the extremely cheap BudgetVoip calling services as an alternative for your prepaid calling cards or expensive mobile phone plans.

Save on all your national and international calls by installing the free BudgetVoip client on your computer or mobile phone. Saving money on your daily calling charges was never this easy. We charge no connection fees and you're not tied to any contracts: you simply buy pre paid credit and pay for the minutes you call.

Start using BudgetVoip in 4 simple steps:

  1. Click "Register" to create a username.
  2. Go to "How to use". Install the software of your choice.
  3. Click "Login" and Buy some credit.
  4. Start making cheap phone calls!

Discount Prices!

DestinationPrice USD/min

  Andorra [mobile]$ 0.1400
  Algeria [fixed]$ 0.1000
  Albania [fixed]$ 0.1800
  Albania [mobile]$ 0.2700
  Afghanistan [fixed]$ 0.1800
  American samoa [fixed]$ 0.5000